NONG'S® Natural Premium Phnom Penh Rose Flower 50g

The origin of Phnom Penh Rose is Yunnan, China. It is warm in nature, sweet in taste and with a fragrant smell. It helps to soothe the liver, regulate qi, improve blood circulation and ease emotions, especially for those who are always stressful. Phnom Penh Rose has a lot of nutrients, which can nourish the skin, stimulate skin cell regeneration and metabolism, alleviate dark yellow complexion and facial freckles. It serves as a beauty treasure for ladies.


  • Nature and Flavors: sweet and warm
  • Meridian Affinity: Liver, Spleen
  • Actions: Soothing the liver and depression relief, harmonising blood, calming the emotion and mind, nourishing the skin and soothing menstrual discomfort
  • Helps nourishing, whitening and brigthening the skin
  • Suitable for people who are stressful and have poor sleep quality

Phnom Penh Roses originally grow in Yunnan, China. The natural environment is an ideal place to grow the roses with best quality and pleasant scent. Due to the limitation of environment, Yunnan is the only place for cultivating the best Phnom Penh Roses. Therefore, the output is small that Phnom Penh Roses from Yunnan are very precious.

Phnom Penh Rose has been a natural beauty food for long time. There are two thin yellow-white edges on each of its calyx and hence it is called “Golden-edged rose” as well. When Phnom Penh Roses are going to blossom, it is small and the petals are relatively compact. It is more complete in physical while the nice scent can be reserved.

From old books, roses are with pleasant and fresh smell, soften the liver, awaken the stomach, mainly benefit lung, spleen, liver and gallbladder, repel pathogenic qi, soothe the liver, regulate qi, improve blood circulation and transform stasis, calm mind and qi. It is sweet in taste with amora that makes you refresh.

In current modern society, people’s life style is busy. People face great pressures from different aspects and are seldom to do exercises. It is easy prone to mental stress, poor sleep, dull and uneven skin tone, wrinkles, poor blood circulation and etc. Phnom Penh Rose can help regulating qi and blood circulation. Blood can then flow smoothly, bring away blood stasis from the body. By long-term regulation, the internal body, blood circulation and metabolism can be improved. Phnom Penh Rose also contains a large amount of vitamins, amino acids, soluble sugars, and alkaloids, which can nourish the skin and improve skin cell regeneration. Drinking Phnom Penh Rose tea regularly can improve skin tone and overall radiance, nourish skin and have anti-aging function. It is indeed a natural and gentle beauty treatment to the skin and body.

Compared with other edible roses, Phnom Penh Roses are relatively fresh and sweet in taste, with light fragrance. The taste of the brewed Phnom Penh Rose tea usually lingers longer than that of other ordinary rose tea.


100% Natural Premium Phnom Penh Rose Flower

How to use

Put a handful of Phnom Penh Rose in a cup, steep in boiling water for 2-5 minutes and drink.

Net weight



Keep in a cool and dry place, avoid high temperature and direct sunlight.


Not suitable for those with yin deficiency with heat and in pregnancy.
Rose is slightly bitter in taste. It is not recommended to cook for long time.
Avoid to use rose with green tea.

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