NONG'S® Natural Premium Barbary Wolfberry Fruit 150g

The origin of Wolfberry is Ningxia, China. In “”Shennong’s Classic of Materia Medica””, Wolfberry is listed as a top-grade medicine with its anti-aging function. Wolfberry is sweet in taste and neutral in nature. It tonifies essence and blood, improves eye vision and nourishes the liver and kidney. Wolfberry is rich in lycium barbarum polysaccharides, anthocyanins, carotene and etc. It is suitable for those with yin deficency of the liver and kidney and eye fatigue.


  • Nature and Flavors: sweet and neutral
  • Meridian Affinity: Liver, Kidney, Lung
  • Actions: Tonifying essence and blood, improving eye vision and nourishing the liver and kidney
  • Ningxia wolfberry has the highest medicinal value, and its quality is the top of the country. It has the reputation of “China own the wolfberry’s world and Ningxia own the Chinese wolfberry.”
  • Suitable for people with yin deficency of the liver and kidney and eye fatigue

Wolfberry mainly refers to Ningxia wolfberry. Ningxia wolfberry grow in non-steep hills and plains. Rich soil and sunlight, less rain and significant temperature difference between day and night provide the best environment for growing wolfberries.

Wolfberries are slender oval in shape and red in color.

Wolfberry is recorded in the traditional Chinese medicine book “Shennong’s Classic of Materia Medica”. It can nourish the liver and kidneys, tonify essence and brighten the eyes. It is useful for back and knee pain, dizziness and good for eyes with blurred vision. So, it was popular among the ancient physicians. Wolfberry is widely recorded in lots of historical Chinese medicinal materials, Universities’ education materials and “Chinese Pharmacopoeia”. It was said as a Chinese medicine that helps on brightening the eyes.

The active ingredient of wolfberry is wolfberry polysaccharide. It helps on antioxidisation, inhibits nerve aging and regulates the cell apoptosis, delays the process of anti-aging and beautifies the skin. In addition, it also helps to enrich the functions of liver and kidney, brighten the eyes and bring about youthful complexion. It can stimulate blood production because of containing betaine, flavonoids, anthocyanins, carotene and various vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids, etc. Especially for carotene, it changes to Vitamin A inside human body and improves eye vision in dim environment.


100% Natural Premium Barbary Wolfberry Fruit

How to use

Take approx. 5-10 grams and brew tea, drink or wine, or as an auxiliary ingredient for making soups and congees, or chew and swallow directly after cooking.

Net weight



Keep in a cool and dry place, avoid high temperature and direct sunlight.


Not suitable for those who get cold and fever and with hypertension and impattient.
Not suitable for those with red face due to consumption of excessive meat.

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