NONG'S Clinics

In addition to providing a broad range of concentrated Chinese Medicine Granules (CCMG) for Chinese medicine practitioners’ professional prescription purposes, and a complete Chinese Medicine Clinic Management System for general clinic management, PuraPharm has also established our own Nong’s® Chinese medicine clinics to provide modernized Chinese medicine services. Nong’s® Chinese medicine clinics are mostly located in shopping malls across Hong Kong.  The Nong’s® (農本方) Chinese medicine clinics are operated by registered TCM practitioners who use our CMCMS to prescribe our CCMG products to patients.

Through a combination of Chinese medical skills, innovative technology, contemporary medicine and modernized management, Nong’s® Chinese Medicine Clinics provide patients with high-quality Chinese medical service as well as reliable, convenient and instant Concentrated Chinese medicine granules.

Our Characteristics:

  1. High-quality Chinese Medical Service

    • All practitioners in our Nong’s Clinics are qualified University graduates and are registered Chinese Medical Practitioners in Hong Kong, with profound knowledge in Chinese Medicine and years of clinical experience.
    • Acupuncture and cupping services are also offered so as to provide the most suitable treatment for patients.
  2. Tailor-made Health-keeping Service

    • We believe everyone has his own needs. Patients can find the most suitable Chinese medicine treatment for their own body type through detailed analysis by our Chinese Medicine Practitioners before consuming health products.
  3. Scientific management, human-based service

    • Modern scientific management and advanced medical equipment are used in every process from patient registration, organization of patients’ medical records, medical diagnosis, prescription processing and inventory management to CCMG prescription dispensation.
    • All medical records are computerized for easy retrieval.