PuraGold® 90's

Our Passion to Deliver Only The Best Lingzhi
Embrace a Lifetime of Wellness with PuraGold®.

Uncompromising Selection

PuraGold® sources only fine quality wild Lingzhi from its natural origins and constantly improves identification and authentication methods. Only 20% of wild Lingzhi could meet the internal rigorous standards of PuraGold® making the label a sign of unparalleled rarity.

From using quality ingredients to staying at the forefront of sophisticated pharmaceutical technology, PuraGold® is made only for the discerning few.

Unprecedented Innovation

An unwavering dedication and innovative spirit reflected in every important step of the manufacturing process, PuraGold® delivers unparalleled superiority and exceeds expectations.


  • Nature’s Wild Lingzhi
  • Profound proven benefits for overall health
  • Technologies that redefine Lingzhi
  • Nothing less than perfection
  • Internationally recognized

A commitment to excellence

Lingzhi, the Superior herb

Chinese medicine was traditionally divided into superior, middle and lower classes. The Superior class must not be intrusive, can promote health and longevity and causes no toxic effects through continuous use. It can also restore normal bodily functions and strengthen the natural healing abilities of the body. The two influential Chinese medical texts, the “Shen Nong’s Classic of Materia Medica” and “The Compendium of Materia Medica” both rated Lingzhi as among the top ones in Superior class herbs. For centuries, it has been regarded as a precious herb regimen.

Nature’s Wild Lingzhi

In the wild, Lingzhi are constantly subjected to the challenges of the harsh natural environment. Triggered by the surrounding antigens, the Lingzhi’s natural defensive mechanism will likely develop their own defensive components, which are not commonly present in cultivated ones. Medical researchers nowadays commended highly the benefits of these defensive components have on the human body.   It is believed that wild Lingzhi may develop their own antibacterial activity triggered by the surrounding bacteria. Owing to this factor, wild Lingzhi differs from cultivated Lingzhi and Lingzhi spores. Wild Lingzhi is particularly rich in polysaccharides, triterpenoids, adenosine and other trace elements, which are essential to strengthening human immunity and boosting general health.

An unwavering dedication to exceed expectations

Technologies that redefine Lingzhi

In 1999, PuraGold® was the first Lingzhi brand to introduce proprietary DNA fingerprinting identification technology to test the authenticity of all ingredients.

PuraGold® ensures its bioactive components are preserved, thus refining Lingzhi deliverables to the molecular level and ensuring the finished products have unprecedented efficacy.

Precision extraction to preserve pure goodness

PuraGold® employs advanced dynamic extraction and low-temperature concentration technologies. Coupled with low-pressure cryoconcentration and vaccum-drying technology, PuraGold® optimizes the preservation of the herbal ingredients and eliminates oxidation and deterioration of the fragile bio-actives. Nature’s gifts are preserved in PuraGold®.

The consummation of technology and passion

Refining for Purity – Nothing less than perfection

An unwavering insistence on stringent manufacturing procedures is reflected in every step of PuraGold® production. The whole process has 106 checkpoints that are closely monitored by an independent quality control department. The production line is equipped with an instant cleansing system and standard clean rooms, all of which serve to ensure that PuraGold® quality control standards goes well beyond international norms.

Mark of Quality – Internationally recognized

PuraGold® is manufactured by an internationally-certified factory in strict compliance with the standards of the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) of Australia. As one of the few Chinese medicine manufacturers to hold ISO 17025 CNAS accreditation, PuraGold® strives ceaselessly to meet international standards of reliability and quality. All batches of PuraGold® have obtained safety reports on heavy metals and toxic elements, pesticide residues and microbial limit tests. Its safety and reliability are therefore guaranteed.

Encasing Fine Art – Aesthetics inspired by function

The intricately designed frosted glass bottle of PuraGold® and its specially made anti-moisture cap have been specially designed to preserve the quality of the capsules within. PuraGold® provides people of all ages, a natural herbal product for optimal health.

Profound proven benefits for overall health

PuraGold® is ideal for enhancing human immunity, protecting proper organ function, promoting cell renewal and blood health, optimizing sleep quality, preventing premature aging and reducing the risk of diseases. PuraGold® is an ideal health product that enhances health in order to maintain vitality.

It is a natural herbal product for optimal health and can be enjoyed by people regardless of age.



Ganoderma Lucidum, Ganoderma Sinense, Ganoderma Nigrolucidum, Coriolus Versicolor, Ganoderma Tropicum and Ganoderma Applanatum

Packaging & Dosage

400mg per capsule, 90 capsules per box
Once daily (orally), 1 to 2 capsule(s) each time.

Net Weight


Gross Weight



Store in a cool and dry place.

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