PuraPharm sells our concentrated Chinese Medicine granules (CCMG), under the brand name of “Nong’s「農本方」”, to hospitals, Chinese medicine clinics, non-profit organizations, pharmacy chain stores and private Chinese medicine practitioners, all of whom then prescribe and sell our CCMG products to patients. We have also established our own Nong’s 農本方 Chinese medicine clinics.

We sell our over-the-counter healthcare products to major pharmacy chain stores, individual pharmacy stores, western medical practitioners and clinics who then sell our healthcare products to end consumers.

PuraPharm is currently partnering with two well-established renowned distributors, DKSH Hong Kong Ltd. and Forewide Company (HK) Limited, to distribute our products in Hong Kong. We are currently focusing on the Hong Kong and mainland markets, though we welcome partners from all over the world. It is our vision to realize mutual benefits and to cultivate trust and commitment that create a partnership that will foster results for all. Each of our distributors has its unique strength in the market, allied with a resounding commitment to our common goal.