Nong’s® Black Wolfberry Instant Herbal Drink

Anti-Oxidation and Anti-aging
All natural, no sugar or preservatives

Nong’s® Black Wolfberry Instant Herbal Drink has a refreshing taste and a floral fragrance. Black wolfberry is rich in anthocyanins, a super strong antioxidant, and hence widely known as the “King of Anthocyanins”. Nong’s® Black Wolfberry Instant Herbal Drink is a strong antioxidant and can improve immunity, delay aging, relieve fatigue, improve sleep & skin complexion. It is a women’s treasure to stay young.

Black wolfberries release different colours when infused in water, ranging from purple to blue depending on the water temperature and its acidity, and is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


  • Contain the powerful antioxidant anthocyanin
  • Improve blood circulation, even skin tone and improve skin whitening
  • No sugars, preservatives, or artificial colorings
  • 0.4 kcal per sachet, Healthy Drink
  • Passed multiple safety tests
  • Advanced dynamic extraction and low temperature concentration technologies preserving the active ingredients of the medicinal herbs
  • Effective & delicious healthy drink

The anthocyanins in black wolfberries possess strong anti-oxidizing function. It can eliminate free radicals produced by the body through metabolism and helps delay aging. It contains protein, minerals, Vitamin A, B1, B2 and C and various and is an ideal daily beverage that helps maintain your skin’s youthful appearance.

The color change of black wolfberries in water

Black Wolfberry will show different colors under different pH values of water. For example, it will appear purple when infused in acidic water, and blue when infused in alkaline water. It is recommended to use water below 60°C for brewing to ensure the active ingredients of anthocyanins will not be destroyed.

Preparing a soothing, beauty enhancing Nong’s® Black Wolfberry Instant Herbal Drink

For dehydrated skin after prolonged exposure to air-conditioning in the office

Ingredients: 1 stick sachet of Nong’s® Black Wolfberry Instant Herbal Drink and a tablespoon of honey
Steps: Pour granules into 200ml of 40°C-60°C hot water, stir to dissolve and add honey to serve.

Ideal for

Nong’s® Black Wolfberry can improve quality of sleep and can beautify your skin and is especially beneficial to those concerned with skin conditions or those who tend to be on the computer for prolonged period of time.

Hot / Cold Usage

Nong’s® Black Wolfberry Instant Herbal Drink can be served hot, by dissolving granules in hot water; or served cold, by first dissolving granules in a suitable amount of hot water and then topping it with cold water and ice, for a healthy, refreshing and effective drink, which is just as delicious.


Lycium ruthenicum Murray

This product does not contain any added sugar, artificial colorings or preservatives, and is suitable for those who are health conscious or are concerned about their body weight.

Instruction of Use

One sachet each time. Pour granules into 200ml of 40°C-60°C hot water, stir to dissolve and serve hot; or dissolve granules into a suitable amount of 40°C-60°C hot water first, then add cold water and ice for a cold, healthy and refreshing drink. It can be served both hot and cold.


6 sachets per box, 4g each sachet

Net Weight



Store in cool and dry place. Avoid heat and direct sunlight.

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